Jeffery City Church Roofing Project
This the photo gallery of the pictures from the Jeffery City Church roofing project September 10th through 18th 2016
We had a team from Mountain View Baptist - North Carolina Baptist Church - Casper & Riverton Set Free Churches. 
We had the best kitchen team, made up from various churches - Karen Sain was the lead cook for the project.
Pastor Mike Sain was the lead on the roofing project, getting all the teams lined up for the project.
The teams worked from Saturday until miday Friday. 
Thanks for all the great fellowship and the hard work, great food with lots of laughs smiley

Christmas Boxes
Filling of the Christmas Boxes - with members helping to full fill the need.

2018 Sportsmen's Banquet
We had a fun time watching John Godwin trying to teach Dale Fitzimmons how to call ducks and Dale trying to teach John how to call elk!  They were some pretty good sports!